Besides treating you to a warm welcome, the ever-smiling faces at the reception desk makes you feel at home. Guests are provided with luxury seating and newspapers as fill–gap arrangements. Roomy parking lot offers you the luxury of driving in.


Those students who are unable to take informed decisions regarding programs to be pursued can take the help of the counseling desk. It provides you with ample information sufficient for you to take the most appropriate decisions. Parents and students are expected to air their views free of inhibitions with the reception desk. This desk clears your doubt regarding all the matters.


Lively and ever active youngsters are more prone to injuries. Anticipating this, the college has setup a first aid centre with trained people at the helm of it.


An internet centre with enough number of computers catering to the browsing needs of students. Youth Red Cross unit at this college is embellished with a team of trained youth on first aid fire fighting methods and rescue operations. Voluntary blood donation camps are held on and of. Members are made conscious about practicing in yoga and doing physical exercise regularly. In order to join the youth Red cross, students can approach Mr.


Adjacent to the ground floor offices you find a food court with tastefully done up interiors.In addition to this there are varieties of delicious snacks and hot & cold drinks.


Located within comfortable distance, this college owns three hostels which have been renovated recently. Students get to college and back on institutional buses. Students have a say regarding the menu at hostels. Strict adherence to the rules and regulations are ensured by the hostel wardens at each of these hostels.


There functions a bank at this college for the students to deposit small sums and withdraw it at their convenience. Started with the intention of inculcating saving mentality among students, this Bank follows a very convenient working hours


Travel Desk constituted by senior faculty members arrange annual tours, Summer vacation tours and study tours. Staff and students can enjoy these facilities at highly subsidised rates.


Functions under the aegis of a charitable trust, this institution never turns its back on those help seekers in dire strait.A committee is in place to look into the merit of each individual case and do the needful.