Computer Courses

C-DIT understands the necessity of extending technology to tap the vast human resource of the State and help them translate their potential to bring about larger benefits for the State. The Technology Extension Team provides avenues to meet this requirement of the young populace in the State. Offering a rich gamut of courses through the C-DIT Educational Partners (CEPs) spread across all the districts is one of the major functional areas of this team. With the CEPs numbering about 300, CDIT holds the record of having the largest number of educational partners under any similar Government institution in the State. Apart from conducting and administering as many as 18 IT courses, the Team prepares quality course material required thereof. Industrial Automation and Net work engineering courses are the new areas, which are offered through the Resolute Education Campus equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The TET is also entrusted with the corporate training ventures for specific target groups with financial assistance from Govt. of India and other State Govt. departments. The Job portal under TET facilitate for the easy access of the job opportunities in the IT Sector.

Sl.No Name of the Course Duration Eligibility
1 Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application ( PGDCA ) 12 months SSLC
2 Diploma in Multimedia ( DIM ) 6 months SSLC
3 Diploma in Office Automation ( DOA ) 6 months SSLC
4 Diploma in Desk Top Publishing ( DDTP ) 6 months SSLC
5 Diploma in Computer Application ( DCA ) 6 months SSLC
6 Certificate in Web Designing ( CWD ) 3 months SSLC
7 Certificate in Cad Technology ( CCAD ) 3 months SSLC
8 Certificate in Computerised Accounting ( CCA ) 3 monhts SSLC
9 Certificate in Electronic Office ( CEO ) 3 months SSLC